“There are no “good” single people on Long Island. All the good ones are taken. If you really want to meet someone, you have to travel to NYC.”

That’s what Connie and Chrissy were hearing throughout their travels of “singledom” on Long Island.

Amongst a vast population of families, it seemed the single life on Long Island was diminishing rapidly.  Being in their late 30’s, both girls figured there had to be a better way.

With Friday night at the bar losing its luster, the girls were always in search of FUN and a Titos®, but without necessarily getting dolled up just to be disappointed by the social scene.

So in search of their OWN FUN they began trailblazing their own way on Long Island, bouncing around to different events.  They soon realized they weren’t alone.

There were A LOT of single people feeling the same way.

So lo and behold (at a local happy hour near them chatting over a DOUBLE Titos) a CRAZY, Date Night kinda idea came to them.

With both having a past in media, they decided to create their OWN FUN HOT-spot on the WEB for single peeps who wanted to have fun on Friday nights, with a cocktail and possibly sweats, WITHOUT leaving the house and…

Date Night with Connie & Chrissy was born! A web-based show (recorded out of Date Night studios located in an upscale private residence in Woodbury) where 2 sexy, cool Long Island girls invite single peeps everywhere to come on a Date Night with them every Friday night for Happy Hour via Facebook Live where they discuss LOVE, LIFE AND DATING armed with pink “glamour” glasses of Titos!

The show always opens with Connie and Chrissy recapping their week, sharing their experiences bouncing around to different Long Island hotspots and their hosted single events. The shows offer ADVICE on how to LOVE, have FUN and BE HAPPY -#DATENIGHTSTYLE!

Each week Date Night invites different COOL PEEPS to hang for Happy Hour. Experts, sport figures and local celebrities add to the discussions with great tips, tricks and real life experiences.

So be sure to tune in!  SINGLE and married folks alike, come join the FUN as your Friday nights will NEVER be the same…and enjoy a cocktail with the Date Night girls, Connie and Chrissy!


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